Preps You Need to Do Before Your Cosmetic Procedure

By | July 25, 2017

Going through a procedure is not as easy as it may sound, whether it is cosmetic or for treatment. You need to prepare your body and mind on what’s to come. Preparation can give you time to organize everything you need before and after the procedure:

Here are some prep tips that you need to follow:

  1. Get your body ready

When we say get your body, we are not only taking about the specific parts that will be surgically enhanced. The holistic condition of your body should also be taken into account. Getting under the knife can take a toll on your body, especially if your body is not fully prepared.

Liposuction Dubai expert surgeons would probably advise you to have yourself checked to know if there are any pre-existing conditions that needs to be treated even before the surgery begins. If there aren’t any, keep your body healthy and avoid activities that might compromise your well-being.


  1. Stay hydrated

Water should be your best friend at all times, especially if you are going through a surgical treatment. Water helps on eliminating toxins in the body and help your internal organs to function on its optimal level. As much as possible, try to complete the necessary 6-8 glasses of water a day prior to your procedure. Your doctor would probably give you an order to stop water intake on the day of the surgery. Heed his order and do not drink water unless advice by the nursing staff or doctors.


  1. Avoid alcohol

Alcohol intake 72 hours before the surgery can compromise your health. Liquor might counter the effects of anesthesia and affect how your liver functions during the surgery. Alcohol can also destabilize your blood pressure and decrease blood clotting which is important to your recovery. If you drink any alcoholic drink 72 hours prior to your procedure, advice your doctor to reschedule the surgery until the alcohol is completely out of your system.


  1. Try relaxation techniques

Getting under the knife can be nerve-wracking and this might affect your mental standing before and after the procedure. Breast augmentation Dubai surgeons recommends to go through some relaxation activities like yoga. It will not only relax the mind, it can also help the body prepare for the upcoming surgery.


  1. Get much needed rest

As much as possible, do not strain your body 24 hours before the surgery. The surgery itself can be taxing and draining and your body needs rest before you undergo any procedure. Give yourself one-two weeks to process all the papers you need for the surgery and prepare for your post recovery. But the day prior to the procedure, get a much-needed rest and make sure to follow the prep tips your surgeon recommended.