4 Things That Can Aggravate A Person’s Panic Attack

By | February 16, 2018

Living with a panic attack condition is tough. Patients who are suffering from this condition must live in caution to ensure that their condition are managed.

But there are times when patients are not able to control their emotions and environment, leading to severe attacks. Add to that is the lack of knowledge about this mental illness that can aggravate the situation. If you are living with someone who is dealing with a severe panic attack condition, here are some things that you should avoid:

  • Ignoring the symptoms

Sometimes, people who are suffering from panic attacks are not very open about their condition. Probably because of the stigma that is associated with this mental disease. But if your loved one is diagnosed with one, you need to know the manifestations so you can help them deal with their condition, especially when the panic attack starts to set in. You need to educate yourself about the disease so you will know what you can do to help your loved ones manage their situation.

  • Forcing them to face their fears

Mental health experts specializing in panic attacks treatment recommend patients to face their fear at their own pace. They should be the ones to determine if they are ready and fully capable of handling themselves when they are put in situations that might trigger an attack. Forcing them to face their fears, especially if they feel that they are not yet ready, can only make things worse for them. This would result to compounding issues like more severe symptoms and delay in treatment and recovery. It would be best if you can ease them into it.

  • Shielding them from triggers

Another thing that can aggravate one’s panic attack condition is protecting them from triggers. As a relative or a friend, it is understandable to be protective of your loved ones. But if you are shielding them too much from the trigger, they would be having a hard time dealing with it by themselves. Remember that you are not always there to guide and protect them. Without learning how to independently manage their situation, their circle would be limited and it might find it really hard to deal with their fear, especially later in life.

  • Not teaching them the coping mechanisms

More often than not, a patient suffering from panic attacks are too overwhelmed by the bombarding emotions that they find it hard to cope with the situation. You need to teach your loved ones several coping mechanisms that would help them relax when they experience the surge of a panic attack.

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