Things To Know About Vehicle Custom Brakes And Fire Systems

By | August 15, 2017

Did you know that fires and brake failure are two of the major contributors to most accidents in the world? The irony is that both hazards can occur at any given time without the people sitting in the vehicle knowing it. Investing into custom car protection and safety systems is perhaps the only way to keep your and family safe. Here is more how custom fire system and  armoured brake pads help protect your car:

Ebc Brakes

Calling it a revolution in the car industry would be an understatement. The Ebc redstuff car brakes are designed to provide optimal performance at an affordable cost. It includes a unique ceramic brake pad that can be fitted to car and Suvs. Designed as a heavy duty braking solution, ebc redstuff brake pads are ready to be used on any type of road.

Materials Used And Quality

Leveraging the cutting-edge technology, ebc redstuff provides up to 15% improvement over contemporary brakes. The redstuff brake is made from durable materials and can be used ruggedly. The result is a high-performance brake that provides high friction and instant braking.

Vehicle Fire Suppression System

Gone are the days when only a handful of vehicles had a fire suppression system installed. Today, almost all modern vehicles come fitted with a fire suppression system. A quality vehicle fire suppression system comprises of several components like alarm, fire extinguishing mixture bottles, harness and wiring etc. These systems are specially designed to fit into the confined space in a vehicle.

Quality Assured

A number of fire extinguishers are available in the market. Most of these are designed to withstand harsh weather, dirt, and vibrations. They are designed keeping optimum performance in mind. Tests like quality control, rapid fire suppression, reduction in false alarm rate and longevity are considered before certifying the equipment.

The result is a top-notch fire suppression system that will give your vehicle complete protection against fire hazards. The system is equally effective for small and heavy vehicles like Suvs. to ensure comprehensive protection, always use a fire suppression system in your vehicle.

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