Sound Advice for Parents Looking for British Schools in Dubai

By | August 7, 2017

A lot of parents nowadays are looking into enrolling their kids to a British school, and for a good reason. British schools are known for their solid reputation in the academic scene, with balanced academic programs that equip the students to be independent and well-grounded.

However, picking one can be overwhelming especially if you are not well-informed on how specific to check when scouting for a British school. To give you an idea, here are some guidelines that can help you on your selection process:

  1. Ask for referrals


When you are looking for a credible school for your child, the first place to look is within your neighborhood. Ask the parents from your apartment building about the schools and universities their kids are enrolled to. While on the topic, you can instantly get some scoop about the schools. Do not hesitate to ask about their thoughts on these academic institutions and other relevant questions like the curriculum, the school activities, and the tuition. First-hand experience is a great source for referrals.


  1. Scout online


If you want to widen your search on top British schools in Dubai, then the Internet will definitely give you some lists. Once the results are given, visit the website and thoroughly read the information provided by each academic institution. Checkout the curriculum and compare it to the program being offered by other British schools. You can also go over the other pages for additional information like the school’s mission statement and facilities.


  1. Go for school tours


Checking the website of the schools is a good starting point, but visiting the actual institution might be even better. Set aside some time on visiting the campuses so you can see for yourself if your kid will fit right in. You can also bring your kid so he can also check the place.


  1. Examine the curriculum


School tours is also a good opportunity for you to learn more about the school’s curriculums and programs. Aside from having a similar curriculum from other British academic institution, you can also check if the school is promoting holistic development of students. Dubai British curriculum schools  focus on areas that are important to a child’s development – from academics to social development skills.


  1. Check the credentials

Aside from the curriculum, go in-depth on your research by checking the credibility of these academic institutions. You can check out the Dubai Knowledge and Human Development Authority and Abu Dhabi Education Council. These government institutions are conducting annual inspection to schools and campuses to see if they are following the standards set by the government – its overall effectiveness and quality of education being provided to the students. They also give rating to these school to help parents make informed decisions on which school would be the right fit for their kids.