Selecting The Right Crane Builder For Your Production Company

By | August 20, 2017

Having the right type of crane will immensely help any production company on transferring their payloads and cutting production time in half. It is a worthy investment that would add value to your company’s services.

But for you to have a state-of-the-art crane, you first need to seek out the best Dubai cranes GH-dealer UAE maker to build it for you. If you are currently on the look, here are some things you need to checkout:

  • Reputable experience and history

Reputation always precedes everything. Of course, no one would ever hire an ill-reputed company. However, it is quite hard tell sometimes. The first thing that you need to check if the legitimacy of the business. Do they have the needed papers and permits to operate? Are they following the guidelines set by related government institutions? If the answers is yes to all these questions, you can now proceed with checking the experience and types of service. All prospective suppliers would always put their best foot forward. You have to take these statements with a grain of salt and countercheck them yourself.


  • Affiliated with esteemed organizations

Another way to check the credibility of your potential crane builder is to know if they are in any way connected to top organizations related to their industry. Their affiliations would speak how competitors and industry-players recognize their company.


  • Availability of different kinds of crane

Production plants have different needs and requirements when it comes to their equipment, so it would be best if the potential crane supplier can provide different types. You will never know when you will be needing more than one type of crane for different production line.


  • Can customized if needed

Aside from being able to provide different types of crane, they should be able to build a specialized crane based on your requirements. As mentioned, production factories have variety of needs and requirements need for their equipment. If the case is the one available will not suffice, building a customized one with specialized function would be the next option.


  • Provides insurance and warranties

Most crane builders offer insurance as part of their package? Why? Apart from making their package attractive, it is to assure the clients that in any case that the crane malfunction and affect the production, the client will have a warranty that the crane builder will need to take responsibility to what happened and shoulder the cost of the production.


  • Have post-service offerings

Post-service services would include trainings for those who will operate the cranes and regular inspection and maintenance to ensure that the crane is working properly. Having this would ensure clients that the equipment is well taken care off by the suppliers and the client will not hassle themselves on repairs and looking for spare parts.

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