Mattress Maintenance Every Homeowner Must Know

By | July 31, 2017

The foundation of a good night sleep rest on how well your bed is maintained, especially your mattress.  Oftentimes, these bed essentials are abused, misused and taken for granted. Overtime, your mattress will deteriorate, robbing you off your much-needed sleep at night

To ensure that you will be getting your good night sleep every night, then follow these tips:


  1. Make sure that your bed frame is in tiptop condition


So, you have a new, comfortable mattress, but have you checked your bed frame? Your mattress need a solid support so it can support your body in return. A damaged bed frame will also damage your mattress. Uneven bed frame will deform the mattress and cause it to sag. Repair your bed frame once you notice any damage. And before you buy a mattress, know the dimensions of your bed frame so you your mattress will fit perfectly once you put it.


  1. Vacuum mattress on a regular basis


Cleanliness can prolong the life of any appliances and home fixtures, including your mattress. Be sure to include mattress cleaning on your household chore schedule. Ideally, you have to vacuum the mattress on a monthly basis to remove dust and pollutants that accumulate on the sheet, and wash and dry them every six months. For minimize dust, put a mattress protection sheet on your mattress.


  1. Rotate and flip over


Even the best mattress in Dubai needs to be rotated to prevent to even the surface. After a while, the side the mattress that you sleep on gets uneven since it is taking all the pressure and body heat. Be sure to rotate and flip the over from time to time so the surfaces will be even and prevent body impressions on the mattress.


  1. Don’t jump on it


Your mattress always takes the brunt of kids playing and jumping over the mattress. This will cause irreversible damage to your mattress in the long run. The spring might break on continuous jumping and can cause mattress deformation. And deformed mattress can cause serious problems on your kids’ posture. Have your kids play on the floor instead and not to jump on the mattress.


  1. Don’t eat on it


People often take midnight snacks on their beds think it is okay and harmless. But in reality, this can be harmful for your mattress and you. Eating can leave food debris on the surface and if not removed, bacteria will form and feast on the debris. You might also attract rats and ants on your bedroom as they can smell food debris. As much as possible, do not eat on your bed.


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