Get Your Car The Near Perfect Tyres

By | August 10, 2017

Before picking a suitable tyre for your car, you need to know a few things. Firstly, it is important to exercise your options and do proper research about which tyre brands will be more suitable to your car. Then, pay attention to other features like warranty, price and performance. As such, your car will only perform well when it is equipped with the best tyres meant for it. Ordinary tyres often don’t bring out the best performance from your car. Hence, always make sure to pick a quality brand that is reputable, reliable and worth your money. Here is more on why Continental tyres in Dubai are your safest bet for new tyres:

German Technology

Contrary to what many people believe, continental tyres were not originally developed in UK, rather they were researched and developed in Germany. Those who do not know, Germany was the pioneer in developing automobile and parts like tyres. This goes on to show that continental tyres carry a rich tradition of offering performance and innovative technology to customers.

First Tyres To Feature Patterns

Did you know that continental tyres were the first of their kind? They were the first to feature a tread pattern. The purpose of adding these patterns was to allow the tyre to have a better road grip. Cars back then offered basic features but continental tyres were innovative from the beginning. The German tyre maker saw how the automobile industry would evolve in years to come. For this reason, they began experimenting with different technologies and incorporated them into the tyres.


Innovation Continued

Despite being known as the pioneer in car tyre technology, continental were known for providing tyres for then popular means of transportation. For instance, they made and sold tyres for drawn carriages and bicycles. Afterwards, they shifted their focus on pneumatic tyres, which was again an innovative technology back in 1892.

The constant evolution of continental tyres and automobile technology continued. The first ant-skid tyres were launched in the market and the company maintained its leadership as a pioneer in tyre technology. In case you didn’t know, the same technology laid the foundation of studded tyres that you see commonly these days.

With such a rich history of pioneering trends and innovation, you would love to go for continental tyres for your car. Go to website to find out more about the brand.