Dad’s Guide on Organizing a Gender Reveal Party

By | July 27, 2017

Gender reveal party is a new trend to make known of your baby’s gender to your relatives and friends. From the usual reveal, it has become a creative means to break the news to your loved ones.

And the good news is, dads can be as involved as they want on organizing this kind of event. If you are a would-be dad who want to make your gender reveal an awesome soiree, here’s what you need to do:


  1. Think of a theme

The theme should not be complicated as this can be a simple get-together. It should be easy to set up in any place. You can look over the Internet on how some couple did their gender-reveal soiree. Some choose to do it via their cakes, balloons, etc.  Some even do it by having newborn baby girl gift baskets reveal in a box. Talk to your wife on how you want this done. She may have some ideas on how to stage the reveal. Do not be afraid to be creative and do not forget the element of surprise as well.


  1. Ask your friends for help

Although this soiree is a simple party or get-together, you still the help of others to execute your plans. Ask your friends and relatives’ help to organize this event. Delegate some tasks to other people so you and your wife will not fell overwhelmed. But be sure not to reveal the secret as to not spoil the fun. Keep as mum as possible and try to avoid questions that would make you reveal the gender.


  1. Plan out the food

Food is a very important part of this gathering as you want guests and attendees to enjoy the party to thank them for coming. But doesn’t have to be big and complicated. Plan out what food should you serve to your guests. That would depend on what time of the day that party is set. Once you confirmed the date and time, start listing possible entrée and dishes that you would serve. It should be easy to cook and serve.


  1. Do not forget the flowers

Although it is not a standard thing to get flowers for this kind of occasion, it wouldn’t hurt to order one for your wife. This is to show her how much you love her, especially that she would be undertaking a new and incredible journey: motherhood. So, contact your trusted UAE flower delivery service and order a one-of-a-kind flower arrangement for your wife.


  1. Documentation

This is an event that you would like to revisit again and again. Be sure that someone is taking photos and video of the reveal. You can include this on your memory scrap book and show it to your kid when he is old enough.