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The benefits of a serviced office

When it comes to looking up work space, you can either choose to purchase a commercial property or get an office space on rent. If you are a startup, then renting office space is the best option for you. Even a majority of established businesses these days are opting to acquire office space on rent… Read More »

5 Easy Ways To Please Your Accountants

An accountant is definitely the best friend every one need. Their expertise helped a number of individuals to manage their finances and millions of businesses to reach their business financial goals. Hence, it is important that you make them as happy as possible. Working with accounting firms in Dubai is not difficult. In fact, it… Read More »

Mistakes To Avoid Before Writing A Will

So, you have finally decided to pen down a will. You may have your reasons to do that but there are things you may have overlooked. Though some customers do a lot of research before writing the will which is a good thing, not all will writers pay attention to these details beforehand. In fact,… Read More »

Starting An Offshore Company

There is no denying that the age of technology has made room to accommodate some modern and innovative business concepts. Offshore business is one such concept. Though it is not cutting edge anymore as it has been around for at least three decades. However, when we talk about other mainstream concepts, we end up admitting… Read More »

What to do before VAT Implementation?

The United Arab Emirates government is all set to impose Value Added Tax at the rate of 5 percent from January, 2018. There is still about four weeks left in its imposition and there are plenty of things you can do before the implementation if you live in the Emirates. The VAT consultancy Dubai has… Read More »

Information about ERP systems

For those who don’t know, Enterprise Resource Planning is a trend that is growing rather significantly in the entire IT industry. This particular system was initially introduced back in the 1960s. With the passage of time, ERP systems have come to the point that they have left back all previously used traditional hosted and on-premise… Read More »

Think You Know A Lot About Interpretation? Think Again

You’ve heard and known about translation and subtitle services, but how much do you know about interpretation service? Off course you know the word and its meaning, but did you know that you can hire an interpreter the same way you hire a translation service? In all fairness, interpreter is in popular demand these days.… Read More »

The benefits of outsourcing your finance department

The latest trend that seems to have prevailed these days, particularly amongst companies who wish to boost productivity without having to spend too much, is that of outsourcing their accounts departments to professional outsourcing agencies. Because of this phenomenon, there has been a substantial rise in the number of companies that offer financial services in… Read More »