5 Easy Ways To Please Your Accountants

By | July 3, 2018

An accountant is definitely the best friend every one need. Their expertise helped a number of individuals to manage their finances and millions of businesses to reach their business financial goals. Hence, it is important that you make them as happy as possible.

Working with accounting firms in Dubai is not difficult. In fact, it is not hard to keep them happy. You just need to do the following to strengthen your business relationship with them:

  • Be transparent

Accountants are considered expert on their field, so there is no way for you to outwit them in their own game. Instead of keeping secrets from them, it would be best to be transparent to them and tell them the truth about your financial status. That way, it would be easier for them to assess the situation, create a detailed report, and provide the best possible solution to your financial problems. The rule of thumb when working with an account is to be honest.

  • Be realistic with your goals

When you are plotting your financial gains and future, your trusted financial consultant would ask you about financial goals. It would be best if you can have formulate a couple of realistic ones before you sit down with them. A financial goal would be able to help you to create a solid plan that would not only help you solve your financial problems but also how you can save up for the rainy days and invest in your future. Being able to provide a realistic set of goals will help your accountant provide sound advices on how you can achieve it.

  • Be proactive

Accountants are good at crunching numbers, but they are not expert on guessing what you want. Be sure to have a list questions to relay to your accountant once you sit down with them. Your accountant would appreciate that you ask questions and is proactive so they would know what accounting requirements they need to fulfill in your behalf.

  • Be diligent with your documentation

One of the things that accountants hates the most is that lack of documentation from the client. Crunching numbers is hard enough, not having physical proof to prove it can make the work twice as hard. Make your accountant happy by diligently saving and keeping your proof of transactions and receipts. Allot a space in your drawer for receipt storage and be sure to keep all contracts and financial statements intact.

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