5 Accounting and Bookkeeping Pitfalls Business Owners Commit

By | July 25, 2017

Accounting and bookkeeping is one of the business aspect that most business owners would like to avoid. Just thinking of doing the math can make a business owner’s head spin and he has to include this on their day-to-day operations.


However, neglecting this part of the business can lead to a big step back on your business. As business owner, your involvement in accounting and bookkeeping is important and you have to watch out for these mistakes you so won’t be digging your own accounting grave:


Not getting professional help

Not all business owners are certified accountants or bookkeepers. Some of them might have the fundamentals on how it is done and what purpose it serves. But for in-depth accounting and bookkeeping, it would be best to get the services of certified accounting and bookkeeping services in Dubai.  These companies are experienced on handling complicated accounting issues. By getting a trusted accounting service, you can be sure that the math is correct, but the entries are organized and easy to understand.

Not diligent on recording business entries

One of the problems that most accountants encountered is the lack of entries on their accounting records and books. This could lead to incomplete and inconclusive reports. Help your accountant by making sure that all entries and transactions are recorded accordingly. Ensure to double check all transaction before the day ends and be diligent on recording and keeping receipts and other financial documents.

Not reviewing the reports

As an entrepreneur, you are expected to get your hand dirty on all aspects of the business, especially with the reports. Accounting reports should be reviewed thoroughly so you can see if you are gaining grounds on your business or if you are losing money on early stage. Knowing early would help you strategize and tweak your business plans if necessary.

Mixing business with pleasure

Mixing personal and business accounting and spending is a cardinal sin in the accounting world. The reason for not mixing up the two is so prevent business owners from spending their business capital. A lot of business owners who committed this pitfall found themselves at the mercy of banking loans, which is not a good place to be in. Try to separate the two as much as possible. Have a separate accounting for your personal and business finances.

Having no foresight

The beauty of accounting and auditing is that it helps you forecast a feasible future for your business. But as a business owner, you need to have a foresight not only on the growth but possible opportunities and liabilities on your business. If you missed this, you might find yourself or your business in a stagnant situation. Once you have the numbers, get a break from your day-to-day business task and see when it is the right time to strike. Review and read more about your accounting reports to have a conclusive insight.