Famous Artists in Dubai

By | July 12, 2017

Dubai has the reputation of being a city of wealthy men and a holiday destination for tourists. The city breathes luxury, its skyscrapers and man-made islands will leave anyone speechless. And for the most part, Dubai gets credit for its buildings and not people. However, Dubai has given some great artists to the world. Whether you’re interested in Dubai, art or just famous people then I might have a little something for you. I identified some of the most famous artists in Dubai. Want to get insights of their works? Welcome aboard.

Ella Orencillo

This Filipino artist knows how to mix surrealism with a little feminism and get something truly beautiful. Artists usually claim that they get inspiration from positive things like smile, happiness, sun, and so on. Ella Orencillo, on the other hand, gets her inspiration from negativity, which has an interesting impact on her works.

Maisoon Al Saleh

This artist likes to paint with acrylic paints on canvas. His paintings are really hard to tell apart from photographs. Maisoon Al Saleh is also a sculptor, who works with fiberglass and mixed media. For some people, his inspiration might seem strange, Maisoon Al Saleh said that his own X-rays serve as inspiration for him. His paintings depict portraits of people who died underwater. The inspiration makes sense now, doesn’t it? Although it sounds a little creepy, the end result is fascinating.

Kristy Anne Ligones

Our next artist likes to work with digital art rather than conventional paint and brush type. She is a huge fan of shapes and forms, which can be seen in her art. Similar to Ella Orencillo, Kristy Anne Ligones gets inspired from negativity, nightmares to be specific. She is dreaming about her own studio, where nothing and no one can disturb her to create art.



When you look at one of his paintings, you might get a little overwhelmed because there is too much going on in there. Digital prints, random objects, and shapes make up an amazing piece of art. Ubik is a part-time designer but painting is closer to his hard, so he wants to dedicate all of his time to creating art.

Melvin Mathew

One of the best cartoonists of Dubai had to be on our list. Melvin Mathew uses ink, acrylics, and watercolors to create cartoon-like paintings. The main characters of cartoons are people, so observing them is what inspires Melvin Mathew. The Middle East doesn’t have so many cartoonists and Melvin Mathew wants to promote it.