Basic Office Design Tips For Large Workspaces

By | September 17, 2017

Some business owners who have small workspaces are having difficulty on designing their offices. But there are businesses owners who don’t have space limitation issues who faces the same problem. Having a large business space might be an advantage for some but if you are not that experienced in designing, it can be a big dilemma for you.

Design and fit out Dubai firms offers simple tips that can make your big office an awesome workplace to work in.

  • Maximize the space

Since you have a lot of space that you can take advantage of, maximize the workspace and let it breath. Do not cramped pieces in one space. Be sure the make space to furniture and furnishings. It would be best if you can create a solid floor plan wherein you can strategically place pieces and furnishings with breathing space accordingly.


  • Do not overdo it

Although you have less space problems than others, you do not need to overdo it. Some business owners who are in this situation thinks that they can put everything in the space without much thought. If you will push through with the idea, you will find yourself filled with unnecessary pieces that would make your big space look small. Simplicity is still the key in this space and overloading it with pieces will ruin the look of your office.


  • Be wise on selecting furniture

Bulky furniture and furnishings may fill up the space but they may not jive well with the design. If you are buying furniture, do not think of it as space filler. Think of it as an important part of the design and should go well with the look. If leaner and smaller furnishings will make the space look great, do not hesitate to follow that direction.


  • Make space for employees

Since you don’t have any problems with the space, you can allot one for your employees to serve as the breakout room. This is one way of maximizing the space with a purpose. You can serve your employees well through this. Design it in a way that employees will feel relaxed to help them recharge to improve their productivity at work.

  • Pay attention to the lighting

Big space requires lots of lights to make the space look larger and brighter. Be sure that there is ample lighting on each space and corner. You can also maximize natural light outside for additional light source.


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