5 Ways to Make your Patio Look Interesting

By | July 23, 2017

Your patio is one of the most important part of your exterior space. A well-designed porch can give your home a good impression from visitors and neighbors, and it can also be used as a space for quality family bonding.

However, some homeowners find it hard to maximize the space due to design limitations. But there are ways

  1. Go for bold-colored furniture


If your porch is looking too plain and boring for your taste, add a splash of colors by using bold-colored furniture like a boldly design sofa or chairs. This would highlight the focal point of the porch and at the same time, break the monotony in the space. But you need to choose the color, patterns and materials wisely. Be sure that it still complement the overall design of the space so it wouldn’t look out of place from the concept. Take a photo of your porch and show it to your outdoor furniture UAE supplier. He can give you options based on the size and design of your space.


  1. Bring in the greens

Another way to spruce up your patio is by putting plants around the patio space. Plants add curb appeal to any space and can bring a relaxing vibe to your patio. Same with the furniture, choose your floras wisely. Do not let the greens overpower the patio design. Right-sized potted plants is the way to go.You can add in some flowers for additional colors.


  1. Add some pastel shades

Since you are already using bold colors for your furniture, tone it down a little by using lighter shades fixtures and décors. It can be a throw pillows, with colors a shade or two lighter from your bold-colored sofa. Or a pastel shade rug to complement the design of your patio.


  1. Put some interesting decorative accents

These out-of-the-box decorative accents can be an interesting addition to your patio design. Be creative and think of possible way to add decorative accents. You can add some colorful stones that match the design concept or decorate your pots to balance your greens.


  1. Do not be afraid of patterns

Some homeowners are quite hesitant on using patterns because they might overdo it. The key here is use subtle patterns on the design and limit it to certain fixtures and decors. You can incorporate patterns on pillows, drapes, curtains, etc. Do not use patterns that are bold and outrageous. Pick indiscreet tones.


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